A lot of recent research have been confirming the fact that the human papilloma virus vaccine could be detrimental to human being.i think this case is also inline to prove these facts.
According to reports, a London Olympics medalist rower, Sarah Tait, has died after a battle with cervical cancer. She was just 33. Sarah is survived by her senior national coach husband Bill and their two children. She had received the HPV vaccine and did do chemotherapy but sadly, she was just taken far too young.
I quote from Yahoo News article:
“It’s not how I thought my life would look like at this stage.
I had the cervical cancer vaccine when I was younger. I’ve had regular pap smears my whole life, most recently in December, which didn’t pick it up. Said Tait.”
Australian born and raised Tait, who captained Australia’s rowing team at the Beijing Olympics was diagnosed with cervical cancer in March 2013. Before her diagnosis, she was fit and healthy. The diagnosis shocked she and her husband.
Tait won a gold and silver medal at the 2005 World Rowing championships, as well as a bronze in the same competition in 2011. She won her Olympic silver medal in the pairs in 2012
More from Yahoo News:
“in 2013 Bill told ‘The West Australian’ he felt ‘ripped off’ by the diagnosis.
She’s (Sarah) never done anything to bring this on, he said.”
Rob Scott, Rowing Australia’s CEO, said she was a role model to all athletes and remembered her as determined and passionate in her sport, remarking that she will be missed.
Our heart goes out to her husband and children.
I think it is high time we get ourselves enlightened about this vaccine.share this information with your friends and family,you might just be saving someones life by just letting the person know about this.thanks.

For more information you can check the CBS news on the link-
women who recieved gadasil are at risk...

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