Treating Bloating Naturally

Abdominal bloating can really cause a lot of discomfort to the patient and to some extent the people around the patient. However, here are 5 naturally remedies that can effectively reduce bloating because of their digestive healing benefits. Gas, bloating and constipation are often caused because of poor diet, inadequate amount of good bacteria in your gut, and even stress. Although such conditions may not be dangerous, they leave you feeling extremely uncomfortable and bad.
o   Ginger
o   Ginger has an enzyme zingibain that is capable of digesting protein. Due to this enzyme’s functions, ginger helps you get relief from the symptoms of gastrointestinal problems. It is beneficial in both getting rid of gas and reducing bloating.
o   Pineapple
o   Pineapple is also like ginger in that it has the protein digesting enzyme. It not only helps in improving digestion, it also minimizes the chances of forming gas and bloating. Besides, the fruit has wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits. It also helps in reducing stomach bloating.
o   Peppermint Tea
o   It is great for the smooth muscles of your Gastrointestinal tract because it is as relaxing agent. Studies show that peppermint tea is also great effective in improving irritable bowel syndrome.
o   Papaya
o   Papaya is also highly effective when it comes to reducing bloating. It has an enzyme called papain that digests protein and fights gas and bloating. The fruit is also great in killing intestinal parasites and worms which cause bloating.
o   Lemon & Apple Cider Vinegar
o   You can also get relief from bloated stomach by using lemon or apple cider vinegar. These remedies help in stimulating digestive juices and your body is able to digest nutrients more effectively. You can take apple cider vinegar by diluting 1 to 2 tsp of it in 1 cup of water. Lemon can be used by squeezing juice from half or one lemon in a quart of water and drinking it.

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