Research breakthrough-New gel can stop bleeding instantly

According to  recent reports from the media,A new polymer, known as polySTAT, was developed by engineers at the University of Washinton which augments a natural protein in the body and rapidly induces blood clotting.  The material, when injected, passes through the body without harming it (so it seems right now) and works in conjunction with the XIII protein to create a lattice of fibrin over the wound.  It seems to only focus on spots which are open wounds; and, so is safe to pass through the blood stream.
Fibrin is a special fiber the body produces that weaves together over a wound to allow the body to clot and stem blood loss.  When present, the polySTAT works in conjunction with the XIII protein and instead of the rope-like lattice of the fibrin, alone, it creates a massive net of fibers.  In rats that had their femoral artery severed, facing a "life threatening" loss of blood, 20% of them would survive when treated with only XIII.  When the polySTAT was added, 100% of them survived.
Rats that weren't treated with the polySTAT lost 11x more blood.
According to Nathan White, co-author of the study, “most of the patients who die from bleeding die quickly ... this is something you could potentially put in a syringe inside a backpack and give right away to reduce blood loss and keep people alive long enough to make it to medical care.” 

PolySTAT is expected to enter human trials within five years.
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